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Upcoming Events

Ongoing self-awareness group 2017 / 2018.
No more new admissions possible. My next self-awareness group starts in September 2018.

SKAN group work offers a wonderful opportunity for continuous self-awareness processes. Here, it is possible to experiment with yourself, try things out and communicate your self-experience.

Group work is working on relationships. SKAN Bodywork is about the relationship with yourself: Bodywork helps us to experience, understand and complete our own body as an inseparable part of our individual existence.

SKAN Body Therapy is also about the relationship with the other person. A truly deep relationship develops from sincerity and truthfulness. Bodywork makes us aware of our own avoidance strategies relating to contact and helps dispel our fear and unnecessarily protective attitudes.

The process also involves finding a new form of communication and mutual perception.

Group work elements:

Dates 2017 / 2018:

Introductory workshop: 04. /05.11.2017

Follow-up appointments for ongoing group: 09. /10.12. & in 2018 on the following dates: 13. /14.01., 17. /18.02., 17. /18.03., 14. /15.04., 05. /06.05., 02. /03.06. and 30.06/01.07. on Saturday and Sunday 10.00 to 18.00.

Info: The weekend in November is for getting to know the SKAN group work. Afterwards, it is possible to take part in a ongoing group.

New entrants are welcome.

Group leaders:

I lead the group, together with my colleague Katharina Stahn (alternating from December).


210 EUR per weekend / Overnight stay on site possible


Landsberger Allee 61
10249 Berlin

Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg


via Mail info@skanberlin.de
Phone: 030-92107122